Pets in our camping

Pets are admitted to the village

Pets are admitted to the village under the observance of these rules:
• Pets are admitted only in particular types of bungalow
( Trilocali, Bilocali, Mini Chalet) and in a certain numbers, i.e. maximum 1 pet per each accommodation. For exception about the number of pets please contact the Management.
• The presence of pets must be obligatory indicated at reservation time.
• The admission of pets is under decision of the Management. Some kind of animals considered dangerous may be prohibited in the Village.§
• At check-in time pet owners are required to show proof of vaccination.
• Pets must be kept on leash.
• Pet owners are required to pick up after their animals.
• Pet owners are responsible for any damages caused by their animals to other guests as well as to any structures of the Village.
• Pets are not allowed to playground, to the swimming pool and to the supermarket.
• Pets are not allowed to the beach.
• Pet owners must not leave their animals unattended inside the lodgement.
• It is owners’ responsibility to ensure standards of hygiene during the stay inside the lodgement.