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Welcome to our "Eco-friendly" page.

Explore the natural beauty while respecting the environment in our eco-friendly campsite.

We are committed to preserving nature and providing a sustainable camping experience.

Come visit us with your electric car: For stays of at least one week in our Campsite or Village, charging is free!

solar energy

We use solar panels on our main facilities to generate clean and renewable energy.

We have installed solar panels with a total capacity of 100 kW.

These panels are strategically positioned above the reception area, where the entire roof is covered with panels.

This source of clean and renewable energy allows us to reduce our dependence on non-renewable sources and decrease carbon emissions.

Additionally, we use solar energy to provide hot water for our communal bathrooms, ensuring comfort without impacting the environment.

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waste sorting/recycling

We actively promote waste sorting/recycling in our campsite. With dedicated collection areas, we encourage our guests to actively participate in this initiative, reducing the amount of waste destined for landfills and conserving natural resources.

This is an essential aspect of our eco-friendly initiative.

  • Reduction of landfill waste: Waste sorting/recycling allows us to significantly reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. This helps prevent the accumulation of non-biodegradable waste, which can cause harm to the environment and surrounding ecosystems.
  • Conservation of natural resources: Through waste sorting/recycling, we can identify recyclable materials such as paper, plastic, glass, and metal. These materials are then sent to specialized recycling facilities where they are transformed into new products. This process helps conserve natural resources as recycling reduces the need to extract and produce new materials.
  • Reduction of environmental impact: Waste sorting/recycling reduces the environmental impact associated with waste disposal. When waste is disposed of in landfills, it can produce greenhouse gases such as methane, which contributes to climate change. Additionally, waste incineration can generate harmful air pollution. Proper waste separation and management reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and, consequently, the negative environmental impact.
  • Promotion of the circular economy: Waste sorting/recycling is part of the concept of the circular economy, which aims to minimize waste and maximize resource reuse. Through recycling and reusing materials, waste sorting/recycling contributes to creating a sustainable cycle where waste becomes valuable new resources.
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Electric Vehicle Charging

News 2023.

We support sustainable mobility by providing a convenient charging station for electric vehicles in our Camping Village. This service allows you to recharge your vehicle in a practical and fast way, promoting the use of zero-emission vehicles and contributing to the overall reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

If you are a guest in our Mobile Homes, the charging is free for you.

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Sustainable Mobility

We support an active and environmentally-friendly lifestyle. We offer an electric bicycle rental service, allowing you to explore nature in a sustainable way.

Ask at the reception for routes and GPX trails and discover the pristine nature of the Po Delta Park.

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